Committed Annual Membership

Commit to a year of undeniable coaching with ReDiscipline's Annual Membership. For equivalent price of just £11 per week, experience 365 days of relentless focus on your well-being. With Oli's tailored nutrition strategies, nourish a year of growth and discovery. Marie with her dedication illuminating a year's worth of behavioural eating insights. Meanwhile, Jodie's strength & conditioning acumen ensures you build and maintain momentum all year round. At ReDiscipline, an annual commitment isn't just a plan—it's a pact between us. Journey through a year where well-being and contentment are daily companions.

Plan Includes

  • Personalised Exercise Plan's

  • Personalised Meal Plan's

  • Food & Calorie Tracker

  • Personalised Supplement Plan

  • 24/7 Support & Direct Messaging

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • Automatic Entry To Competitions, Give Aways & Seminars.

How it works

  • Choose Membership Plan
  • Download The ReDiscipline App & Sign in
  • Complete Onboarding Questions
  • Your program will be created & assigned to you within 24h
  • Daily check ins
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